Advantages of Mix On-Site

Niagara Concrete’s trucks are capable of delivering up to 10 yards of concrete. Our mix on-site trucks allow us to mix fresh concrete on-site. We can adjust the slump (wetness or dryness) of the concrete, as well as change the mix on the job. Also, by having the raw materials on the trucks, we can start and stop the mixing on demand. Therefore you only pay for what is used (2 yard minimum, ¼ yard increments). Our chutes are capable or reaching up to 15 feet.

  • On Demand – Mixed as needed.
  • Mixed Fresh – On-site, no “hot” loads.  Ensures maximum workability.
  • Variable Slump – Customize your slump on the fly, from wet to dry, such as curbing(dry) and fill cells(wet) off same truck. Get the job done with one delivery.
  • No Waste or Mess  No leftover concrete to dispose of and minimal cleanup.